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    Fixing Sinatra UTF-8 issue in Tilt rendered templates

    In the past week, I’v been deploying a Sinatra app to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. In development environment, everything was working just fine, but when I published the application and tested it in production, I encountered a weird problem in one of the templates that was supposed to be supporting uft-8 text without any issues.


    The error was appearing in one of the .erb view files that contains a textarea field. When it is populated with a non English text at the server, the application crashes with 500 code. Here’s a fragment of the error stack trace:

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    Eloquent Ruby (Book Review)


    Recently, I’ve read Oslen Russ’s “Eloquent Ruby” and it was delightful read overall.

    The book has a considerable reputation among the community programmers. It’s divided into (4) units on Ruby foundations and the software process practices.