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    Ansible Roles and Reusability

    Reuse and module sharing in Ansible can be achieved through two methods: A “Role” which forms conceptually a single component and its related tasks. Second, “Content Collections” which form what we could consider as a namespace having a group of roles, in addition to “plugins” that provide the ability to craft custom modules.

    Here’s a list of some roles I have published into the galaxy over the past months:

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    Reflections on IaC using Terraform

    Terraform has emerged as one of the top open source infrastructure as code (IaC) tools, since its initial release by Hashicorp back in 2014.

    The design philosophy behind the tool is to have declarative, and stateful representation for the underlying IT infrastructure (whether it be on public, on-premise, or hybrid cloud), which in turns simplify the control, collaboration, and auditing of such resources.

    The classical example for provisioning AWS EC2 instance concisely captures the design principles.

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    A Git Book on Linux SysOps Essentials

    I have published a short handbook on basic Linux administration covering multiple topics 📕

    There are cheatsheets that help in various tasks.

    I hope you like it and it would be of a good benefit to interested people.